Hi there! 👋

We are building a communication app to make work more productive and fun.

Our mission is to reduce the communication overhead.

What is communication overhead?

We are building a messaging experience that would allow professionls to connect with people outside their organisations reliably and with more ease than ever before. Think email, but without the clutter. Think chatting, but formal.

We are looking to fill a gap between your Digital HQ (a la Slack) and your general purpose chat app (a la WhatsApp) to allow you to send messages to your business contacts without having to establish clunky external connections in your Slack or mix personal with business conversations on your WhatsApp.

And we’re doing that with an aim to reduce the amount of time it takes to read and write relevant messages.

Messaging apps should be about the messaging and not the apps. Anything that’s not messaging is communication overhead.

Birdy is built with love and care by SIA Birdy McBirdface, a team based in Riga, Latvia.

See ya later! 🪴