Welcome to Birdy Chat

We are building the world’s most productive chat app.

Work has gotten a lot more productive (and fun) with the introduction of team chats. Instead of sending emails to our co-workers we now send them short messages in dedicated channels and exchange information quicker with less overhead.

When it comes to conversations outside of our teams or organizations—e.g. with customers, investors, government officials, legal consultants, external auditors, etc.—we still use mostly email (sigh).

We envision a world where instead of email we predominantly use chat for communicating with people outside of our organizations—just like we do for team conversations. We don't think any of the big tech incumbents have the appetite (or incentive) to fully replace email in this space, which is why we're building Birdy Chat.

We will start by building a fun–to–use iPhone app with basic productivity features, such as group chats, sending/receiving files and photos, editing/deleting messages, emoji reactions, etc. and gradually add more advanced productivity features across more devices and platforms over time to make it easier to connect with people from different organizations using chat.

If you’re interested to follow our journey or get early access to Birdy Chat, you can join our waiting list.

Team Birdy 🪴